Who is Squaw Creek Quilts?

Hello!  I'm Miriam Carlson, the quilter of Squaw Creek Quilts.  I have been sewing since my first home ec class in 7th grade.   Looking back I have sewn a lot of different items (clothing, home furnishings and toys) over the past 40 years!  But my quilting experience didn't begin until my daughter was in 4-H.  It all started helping her with one simple nine patch quilt!
I use an APQS Lucey Longarm for quilting.  I am fortunate to have a quilt shop that allowed a table which will handle a king size quilt.   Most of my work has been with overall stippling, pantographs, and some simple custom work.  I am not interested in quilting for a show quilt as I want the quilt to be used and well loved!
Every quilt has given me an opportunity to test a new pattern or technique, make some mistakes, and work on my skills.  I thoroughly enjoy receiving the next quilt and planning which thread and design will be the best!   Share your quilts with me and let me have fun quilting so you can enjoy it yourself or surprise someone with a gift.

Thanks for visiting!