How do I place an order?

Select Get a Quote and fill out the information completely so that I can provide an accurate quote.  I will respond via email with any questions and with a printed quote.
Payment and Shipping
Payment is required prior to having the quilt shipped for return.  An invoice will be emailed with the total cost for quilting and thread.  The quilt will then be packaged and return shipped with the delivery tracking information.  All checks need to be made out to Miriam R Carlson - Squaw Creek Quilts.
Time frame for quilting/delivery

Please refer to the current list of quilts with the number of days and date requested.  Please include in your Quote information any specific dates requested so that I can determine if I am able to work in your quilt and be assured that it can be delivered in return in time.  Email additional questions to squawcreekquilts@gmail.com
Where can I view additional work?
Check out on Facebook and  Instagram